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LS 2150 Splitter shelves


 The LS2150 Series of Broadband splitters enable simple splitting, or combining, of RF signals between 950 and 2150 MHz. They are available as active units, with zero loss, or as passive units where signal levels permit. Available with up to 64 outputs and 1 to 4 inputs they give great flexibility in system configuration. They are built using Microstrip techniques and SMT technology for improved performance and reliability.


 Parameter  LS 2150
 Operating Frequency  950 - 2150MHz
 Input Return Loss Typ  >12dB
 Output Return Loss Typ  14dB
 Frequency Response  ±1dB
 Isolation  18dB
 RF Connectors  F type 75ohm (option BNC)
 Power supplies  Internal or External (Active units only)
 Mechanical  1to3 RU x19"wide
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